Steps To Set A Budget

Your wedding might be the biggest day of your life and you need everything to be perfect as a fairytale. However, all of this is possible if you have the money for it.  Weddings are huge affairs that take up a lot of your savings and hence needs to be budgeted. It doesn’t mean that youcan’t have the wedding of your dreams if you don’t have money. There could be only so much you can do with the limited financial resources you have but every wedding can be made its own kind of fairytale no matter how lavish or simple it is. So here are some steps to follow in preparing a budget for the big day. 

  1. Figure out who is contributing

The amount of budget will be decided on who is contributing and how much. It could be just you two,or your parents might be willing to chip in. If you get really lucky, Uncle Ben from abroad might send you a handsome cheque since you are his favorite niece. Some of the contributors may be able to help in kind rather than money. Your grandma might be willing to make your wedding cake or your distant aunt might like to sponsor the catering Lower Hutt. You could use all the contributions you can so be grateful to your family. When crunching the numbers, see what each of you too can put in based on your monthly income. Think about your existing savings and also whatever you could save in future just for the wedding. 

  1. Estimate your guest count

The bigger expenses such as the venue and better wedding caterers Wellington will be based on your guest list. If you have just 50 guests, you can easily book a small restaurant or barn rather than going for a huge banquet hall which will cost you twice or thrice as much. Look at your wedding expenses on a per person basis; the invitation, cake slice, table and chair, wedding favors and food for each person. 

  1. Choose your non-negotiables

It is vital that you speak to your partner and contributors on what elements are essential and what elements can be cut off. Your fiancé might need an open bar but you’d prefer a five course gourmet meal. Talk to each other and decide which one you will go for as having both might be a waste. It is economical and rational to cut down every cost possible and only keep the most essential elements. If you cut down on the unwanted costs, maybe you could use that money on one wow factor that will remain in people’s minds for years to come.